What You Can Do

SALCASUN uses the donations it gets to offer regular breast cancer screening. Your donations help give women with breast cancer a fighting chance. Your donations means we can bring hope to cancer patients. 

Donate To Establish A Breast Cancer Clinic

One of our most important aim is to eventually establish a breast cancer clinic in our community. We do not have such a center here in Kano which is the most populated state in northern Nigeria. A cancer clinic is of upmost importance  in other to increase the quality of care provided to cancer patients. This is a big project that requires funding from all aspect of our community not only do we solicit funds from individuals and organization but also Government intervention is needed as well. Donating any one of these below or funding would go a long way in making sure this facility is up and running for the benefit of our women and the nation at large.

The need to establish this clinic cannot be overemphasized as more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer every day. Most women due to lack of these services resort to other means of treatment.

Empower A Cancer Survivor

To reduce the burden of unemployment and poverty amongst cancer survivors SALCASUN help to support women with needed skills in other to make life easy for them. We give women hope that there is life after cancer. Most women especially in our rural community are housewives and due to the toll cancer takes on them and their families, they are usually sent back home by their spouses due to the high cost of treatment. As such the women are usually spent after managing to go through the treatment. Through our partners who are well acquainted and vast in providing skill acquisition to women, we train cancer survivors in different vocational skills and provide them with the means to go about their normal lives. We cannot achieve all these without the support of individuals and organization. 

This is an opportunity for you to help better the life of a cancer survivor. Every woman funded would have the means of having a steady income for her and her family.

Adopt A Cancer Patient

By adopting a cancer patient you take responsibility for a woman who is in dire need but is unable to afford treatment. We solicit individuals and corporate organisations to adopt a patient by funding anyone or all forms of treatment below:

  • Patient investigation/Screening 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Radiotherapy 
  • Surgery 
  • Mammography 
  • Counselling 

For every patient that is supported, you save someone’s mother, wife or sister as well as bringing joy and hope to that family.

Fund A Mammogram Van

We  aim to provide breast cancer screening for women in remote area’s of our community. With a mobile mammography van, we would breach the barrier of distance in order to reach women far and wide. We would be able to take this basic test to them as every woman deserves to be screened. You can fund/donate to help us get a Mobile Mammography van as this would help in screening and creating more awareness to thousands of women not only in the urban and rural community but also our surrounding environment as well.