Our founder and her story

Hauwa kakudi
Mrs. Hauwa Kakudi

Hauwa stared experiencing pain after her fourth child birth. Having had 3 deliveries in the past, she knew the pain was unusual. Doctors gave her antibiotics. However, after 3 months, the pain 

intensified. Doctors performed a mammogram but did not see anything abnormal. After 6 months of continuous pain, Hauwa eventually had a biopsy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage II in [2015]. She started chemotherapy treatment immediately after which the tumor shrunk enough to be able to removed completely. followed by radiotherapy The nightmare ended in 2016.

In May 2017, Hauwa funded ‘Save A Life Cancer Awareness And Support Network which is an NGO registered with CAC’ in order to educate people about breast and cervical cancer. It provides  information, financial assistance, pre-clinical services, awareness campaigns, emotional support, and survival techniques to women diagnose  with breast/cervical cancer and the general public.

 We visit rural communities in Kano with our team of dedicated volunteer doctors, individuals as well as students in other to fight the stigma associated with the disease .In certain communities, cancer is thought to be a curse or a spiritual punishment such SALCASUN encourages women to go to the hospital and seek medical treatment.

SALCASUN also think of the next generation and plans to visit girl’s schools to educate them on the importance of self-examination.

Founding SALCASUN makes Hauwa appreciate life more and she plans to use this medium to give hope to women in Nigeria and around the world that cancer is no longer a death sentence and prevention is key. 

My message to all women out there is that prevention is better than cure, so you should visit the hospital if you feel any unusual changes in your body.


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